My experience in Boot camp was so far so good, I have gained a lot of stuff but all of those, I can classify in two categories, I have gained experience in soft skills and technical skills. And let me make clear clarification on this example I have given to you, in soft skills I have gained is this, first is writing skills, communication skills, collaboration, the strong feeling of determination, flexibility, integrity, and also leadership skills according to soft skills this is the list of some I gained. On part of technical skills, I have to improve my programming skills, project management, and also critical analysis, in a distributed version controller. So far am going to explain in detail this entire list I mentioned on soft skills and technical skills

Let me start with soft skills, writing skills every morning exclude on the demo day. We have to write the blog post according to the different topics, and that is not every blog post the blog post you have to write must have minimum three minutes of reading after publishing it on medium, approximately the minimum words you write to get 3 minutes of reading is above 700 words, and with the understanding vocabulary so you have understood that we work hard we read we write to improve our writing skills, even though this is the things I have gained during the boot camp

Communication skills, we have to cheers each other, we have to communicate with others with your ALF or another one, in boot camp we communicate through the slack channel to the different point sharing ideas it’s something of importance at Andela. And we try to help each other on slack, we respect each other also are in communication skill, can listen to someone clearly so this one of the good stuff I have gained at Andela boot camp

Collaboration is another soft skill, we should get at the time I have started the boot camp, we use slogan called no one man or woman can be an island, so that means we can help each other but no one who is allowed to do the someone work or plagiarism, so that another experience I gained for example at university someone could collaborate but to do someone else work that what we called collaboration but at Andela are different collaboration means helps but not engage in someone else work

Strong sense of determination, so what I mean when I wrote some kind of this word, real meaning is having that having passion here at Andela we have a lot of things that really stress full, we have to take much time to learn a lot of new things, so if you don’t have passion of what you want you can persist, so that is new stuff I experience to work hard to achieve for what you want, in another word I have gained a strong sense of determination

Flexibility at Andela we have to take time and listen for your ALF, and be flexible to do what they have been told you, change what they have given you as feedback, here if you’re not flexible you can think that he’s or she’s not right for what they have been told you, but you have to be careful and thinking on what they told and change even sometimes you it can give you feedback to see you own mentality, so if you have flexible mind you can hesitate. And when I was coming for the first time I hesitate to implement feedback sometime so I have gained experience on being flexible

Integrity at Andela we do not copy anything, no one allowed to copy anything so this a thing that I have gained through the boot camp, so I am learning to say everything in truth and write everything with loyalty cause I have gained this as an experience through the boot camp.

So on part of leadership, so in this boot camp cycle 12 they have given point me as a leader, of the other that are in boot camp, so I have gained other soft skills of being a leader. So this experience to read more than one people that awesome to me

On the part of technical skills, I have improved my programming skill and adding more proficient in JavaScript and node js, also including HTML and CSS, I have gained more experience in coding than before I enter in boot camp.

In project management we have learned TDD (Test Driven Development) and agile methodology but, the most important tool in all, we have learned a pivot tracker where we used it to create the stories for our project. So far so good I have experienced this stuff in the project management

We have experience in critical thinking I have ever faced, cause they give u feedback you can’t hear anything by critical thinking and find the way of doing the stuff

Also when I am coming for the first time I am nothing in the version control, GitHub but right now am good not at all but at least I can push my stuff there so far was good

In conclusion, I have to gain more stuff when I join the boot camp at Andela, so far at Andela life was so good, If you want you can come and check